It is being a crazy week at Gamelab Conference. Many interesting people and projects around there make you feel very small and insecure!

But then we had the chance to pitch our game #Endling in front of a hundred attendees and the feedback received after it worth the effort to overcome my scenic panic. Many people asked us to see more and we got so many kind words! You can’t imagine how much we appreciate it and how happy it makes us to know that you like what we have done so far. I swear the final result will be even better than the little slice we could bring there.

Click here to see the full pitch!

Thanks to the three panel experts Stephane Assadourian, Miguel José García Corchero from Abylight Studios and Juan de la Torre from Sindiecate for your feedback. Also GameBCN and Oscar Sahun, coordinator of the incubation programme for his help.

I only feel sad because the event is about to finish and I couldn’t meet Rami Ismail and Javier Giménez, Rubén Picó Ruiz and the rest of the guys from Digital Sun Studios. Maybe next time!

Thank you all from our heart!

Pablo Hernández and Javier Ramello

Fox 3D modelling · Chapter 08

It takes some time and effort to get a unique style in your work. Here we have the process to adjust the topology of the model to the shading we wanted for our 2D style. What do you think of the result?

Character Artist: Lydia Borutta

Fox 3D modelling · Chapter 07

As you can see, the road to the final version of a model is always rough, but the result worth all the modifications.

Sometimes those modifications implied reducing the stylisation of the design in order to avoid unrealistic animations. It’s hard to reach a compromise between aesthetic and practicality, but we managed to resolve it in a very satisfactory way for all of the departments involved; character design, modelling, rigging and animation

Character design: Pablo Hernández

Modelling: Lydia Borutta

Rigging: Hector Barea

Animation: Jofre Balboa

New sound equipment

Mario Crespo, our Sound Engineer, is trying the new pieces of equipment to record stuff for the game.

As you can see, he is testing the field recorders in a booth. Not only the instruments are important, being in a controlled environment is mandatory!! Say hi to the new members of the family!

Endling Herobeat Studios Sound Design

Field recorders: Zoom H6 y Zoom F4 Microphone: Neumann U87

Concept Art – Shelter

It is hard life in the wilderness for a fox, especially when you have to take care of the last cubs on earth.

Endling Herobeat Studios Concept Art – Shelter

Art Director: Pablo Hernández / Zinkase