Herobeat Studios is an independent video game studio based in Barcelona (Spain). The team is composed by a bunch of passionate ex-colleagues from many different nationalities, all of us eager to develop our own video game projects after our previous experience in companies such as AtariKingBee Square GamesKeen Flare8Bit Studios, and counting with collaborators coming from great AAA studios like CapcomGameloftFramestore or Axis among other.

For the last year we have focussed all our effort on creating our very first game, Blight: Wild Nights. As result we have been selected to join GameBCN, a startup incubator program which will support our development for the following year.

Our path to growth includes the development of our own IP, so Blight: Wild Nights will be the first of two projects sharing the same background. Herobeat in general and Blight: Wild Nights in particular is strongly committed to environmental care and animal rights defense, and we are putting a lot of efforts to represent this in our games trying to create awareness.

That’s our story so far, keep tuned for all the exciting news coming soon!


Great time at 4YFN

Hello everybody! Today we had the chance to set our own booth at 4YFN, thanks to GameBCN, and the everything went super nice! There were a lot of people interested in our project and we met cool companies and individuals eager to share their experiences. Looking forward to see you again soon!

Blight: Wild Nights

Blight: Wild Nights is a 3D side scroller point and click game for PC, which follows the story of a fox trying to survive in a dystopian future where the overexploitation of natural resources have endangered the life of the global wildlife.

Seen his forest razed, he will have to feed his cubs until they are able to stand and start the long travel towards the only place where humans do not dare to settle. The game features an astonishing graphic style and moral decisions that won’t leave the player indifferent.

In Blight: Wild Nights, stealth is vital, since our protagonist will need to use all its foxiness to avoid the dangers of the forest, while collecting food to keep his family alive. Yet the player will find out that the biggest danger in the forest is the destructive effect of the human race, which corrupts day after day the most precious and needed resources of the natural environments.

Will you manage to keep your cubs alive before the humans reach the foxhole? How far would you go to achieve it?