Herobeat Studios is an independent video game studio based in Barcelona (Spain). The team is composed by a bunch of former colleagues with a wide experience in video game development,
​having worked in companies such as Atari, King, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts or Capcom.

​Despite the fact that we grown up in different countries, we all share a deep concern about environmental issues and animal welfare, so we decieded to get together and create something meaningful by ourselves.

From the very begining, we attracted the attention of very talented people. They believed in our project and joined us in this adventure.

This is how Herobeat Studios and the idea of Endling started taking shape.



It is being a crazy week at Gamelab Conference. Many interesting people and projects around there make you feel very small and insecure! But then we had the chance to pitch our game #Endling in front of a hundred attendees and the feedback received after it worth the effort to overcome my scenic panic. Many …

Fox 3D modelling · Chapter 08

It takes some time and effort to get a unique style in your work. Here we have the process to adjust the topology of the model to the shading we wanted for our 2D style. What do you think of the result? Character Artist: Lydia Borutta


Can you imagine being the last fox on Earth, and having to take care of three little cubs?

You will have to raise them; they will start your adventure being tiny and defenseless fur balls, and hopefully you will see them grow. Will you be able to protect them until you find a safe place for them?

Endling is a 3D side-scrolling survival video game for PC and console, which follows the story of the last fox trying to save its cubs in a dystopian future where the overexploitation of natural resources have endangered the life of the global wildlife. The game features an astonishing graphic style and moral decisions that won’t leave you indifferent.

In Endling, our protagonist will need to use all its foxiness to avoid the dangers of the forest, while collecting food to keep his family alive. Yet the player will find out that the biggest danger in the forest is the destructive effect of the human race, which corrupts day after day the most precious and needed resources of the natural environments.