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As the last mother fox on Earth, your cubs need all your care to survive in a merciless world that slowly destroys itself. You have to help them, teach them and save them. And you should never forget that extinction is forever – in the real world and in this 2023 BAFTA award winning experience.

Will a mother fox manage to keep its little cubs alive?

Experience a world ravaged by mankind through the eyes of the last fox on Earth in this eco-conscious adventure.

Discover the destructive force of the human race, like it, day after day corrupts, pollutes, and exploits the most precious and valuable resources of the natural environment.

Explore various 3D side-scrolling areas and defend your tiny furballs, feed them, watch them grow up, notice their unique personalities and fears, and most importantly, help them to survive.

Use the cover of night to stealthily guide your litter towards a safer place. Spend the day resting in an improvised shelter and plan your next movement carefully since it could be the last for you and your pups.


  • Explore devastated environments based on real current issues.
  • Hunt other animals to feed your cubs and avoid becoming the prey.
  • Put your survival instinct to the test and get involved in emotionally taxing decisions.
  • Find new shelters to be safe from natural and unnatural threats
  • Care for your kits, feed them, and teach them new skills to make them less vulnerable.
  • Survive.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 10 64bit

Processor: Intel Core i5 / AMD FX-6300

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: GTX 760 2GB/ Radeon R9 270X 2GB or better

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 6 GB available space


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 10 64bit

Processor: Intel i7 / AMD Ryzen 7

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: GTX 1070 4GB / Radeon RX 5700-XT 4GB or better

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 6 GB available space

  • BAFTA - Game Beyond Entertainment 2023 Winner
  • The Game Awards - Games for Impact 2022 Nominee
  • GDC Awards - Social Impact 2022 Nominee
  • Apple Design Award - Social Impact 2023
  • 3DJuegos - Best Game of the Year 2022 Winner
  • 3D Wire - Best Video Game 2018 Winner
  • A Link to the Podcast - Indie Español 2022 Winner
  • BIG - Innovation 2022 Winner
  • Devuego - Best absolute game 2022 Winner
  • Devuego - Best design 2022 Winner
  • Devuego - Best Sound 2022 Winner
  • Devuego - Best Soundtrack 2022 Winner
  • Devuego - Best Production 2022 Winner
  • GameBCN - Incubation Program Selected
  • ExpShare+ - Most impactful 2022 Winner
  • Game Pro - Special Award Social Value 2022 Winner
  • Premios de Animación Comunidad de Madrid 2019 Winner
  • Pädagogischer Medienpreis 2022 Winner
  • SAGA - Best Videogame 2022 Winner
  • SAGA - Best Visual Art 2022 Winner
  • SAGA - Best Soundtrack 2022 Winner
  • SAGA - Best Narrative 2022 Winner
  • Tommi - 3rd place 2022
  • TWOTY - Mejor juego español 2022 Winner
  • Vandal - Best indie BGW 2018 Winner
  • WEIRD - Premio RTVE Interactivo 2022 Winner
  • Zoom Festival - 2022 Winner
  • Games For Change awards - Game of the Year 2023 Winner
  • Games For Change awards - Most significant Impact 2023 Winner
  • Hobby Premios - Mejor Videojuego Desarrollo Español 2022 Winner
  • GTR - Top 20 2018
  • Indie Pearls - Best Indie Game 2022 Nominee
  • NAVGTR Awards - Art Direction, Contemporary 2023 Nominee
  • NAVGTR Awards - GOTY 2023 Nominee
  • NAVGTR Awards - Original Dramatic Score, New IP 2023 Nominee
  • NAVGTR Awards - Game, Special Class 2023 Winner
  • PÉGASES - Best International Game 2022 Nominee
  • PÉGASES - Best International Indie Game 2022 Nominee


"Endling” isn’t the sort of game you might settle down to play after a long day of doomscrolling through social media; it’s the sort that forces you to confront the monstrous scale and toll of human activity on the ecosystem and the planet."

The Washington Post
Khee Hoon Chan

"It would have been easy for Endling to paint all humans as these wholly vicious creatures while upholding the fox family as moral and virtuous. Instead, Endling paints the picture, “nothing is good or bad when survival is at stake.”

The Verge
Ash Parrish

"An exciting, tragic and narratively impactful journey that deals with its themes in a bold and never sloppy way."

Alessandra Borgonovo

"The constantly changing landscape and mix of tender and tense story moments conjure a survival tale that’ll be sure to wrench your heartstrings."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Rachel Watts

"There's little else that can be said about Endling: Extinction Is Forever other than it's a game worth experiencing. Its flaws are minor while its strengths shine through brilliantly, and it's worth every ounce of joy and pain that it brings before the credits roll."

Keenan McCall

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